Become a Teacher

Science Channel

Cool science experiments to do at home!


Science teachers who guide you through fundamental concepts in science 


Engaging hands-on practical lessons to ignite curiosity and build confidence


All the necessary instructions to prepare safe hands-on science experiments for home education

Learn science at home with professional teachers and hands-on experiments!


Mel Science Kit

Science experiments for kids, delivered to your door!


Our kits come with engaging descriptions that help your child understand what’s going on with every experiment.

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Collaborate with your child on an interesting activity that teaches them about the natural world. Use our mobile app and website to go deeper in the days that follow.


We have hundreds of experiments to help your child go beyond theory into practical science.

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Get new chemistry sets on the regular to explore a wide variety of topics.

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Our products comply with European safety norms EN 71-4. That means they meet the strictest standards.

Don’t delay — start learning how the world works!

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starter kit

This comprehensive Starter Kit contains all the equipment you'll need to conduct your experiments. It also includes accessories for your smartphone or tablet to help you learn chemistry more effectively.


chemistry kits

Each MEL Chemistry set includes 2-3 experiments and contains the equipment you'll need to conduct the experiments: enough chemical reagents for at least 2 attempts, additional components, and visual step-by-step instructions.

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VR headset & chemistry lessons in VR

Virtual Reality headset inspired by Google Cardboard – just insert your smartphone to get started!

Dozens of VR lessons and tests spanning a standard school chemistry curriculum.


This is a new way for families to spend time together while children broaden their scientific horizons. Flexible options for families to choose.