Smart Stone Introduces you: CLASSIN

A Next Generation Interactive Online Classroom

ClassIn is the Leading and most Innovative Online Classroom. It is the leading B2B online education engine that is the driving technology behind many of edtech unicorns in the live online instruction and top tier universities.

Companies + Classrooms in 26 Countries since June 2017:

  • For Teaching, Tutoring, Globally who want real online courses

  • For Universities & Professional Development 

  • For Companies who want more than Video Calls

ClassIn Technology is Way Better than Zoom learn online:

  • Distributed service delivers low latency and live streams all over the world         

  • Latency <300ms across the world up to 1000 students in one classMulti-video communication technology,

  • PC,Mac,iOS and Android are all supported

The Blackboard for Total

Synchronous Engagement

Built-in teaching tools

Discussion, breakout rooms, quizzes & polls, team presentations

Sync with the existing digital tools

PowerPoint, Word, PDF, all types of audios and videos

Intelligent Data for Learns, Collaborators and Teachers

Attendance data, comprehensive student assessment

44 types of learning behavior data

Speaking time, student analyst

Learner goals and dashboard

Various teaching tools engage students in all the online classes

Collaborative blackboard

Students could work in teams to have the team

Challenges and activities together

Small private blackboard

Easy to get each student’s feedback

Trophies: It is one of the best way to motivate students in your class

Dice: randomly choose one student or one activity to make your class more fun

Polling: one of the best way to get students’ feedback

home work2.png

Homework Function

ClassIn supports homework fucntion.

Teachers could assign homework task from ClassIn directly and students would use iPad/PC/Mac to submit the homework