We can help you establish your own VR classroom. The VR Classroom consists three essential parts: VR headsets, online teaching system, and VR library.


Standalone VR headsets are perfectly designed for multiple students immersive learning experience with no wires attached, no smartphone needed, and also do not rely on high performance computer. The viewing experience is nothing that any cardboard/plastic goggle box can compare. 


Online teaching system empowers teacher to control the content to be viewed on students' headsets. It also allows teacher to control the teaching pace and increasing students engagements.


VR headset

Smart Stone's headset is designed to be an ideal learning tool. No wires attached, no smartphone or computer depended, the headset itself work as a small computer.

When students put on the headset, the default launcher will take them to the learning environment immediately. 

Want more learning engagement? We are here to help.

VR Content Library

Smart Stone works with excellent VR content designers. Quality VR learning materials comes from Australia, France, India, and China. Currently we have 166 VR content ready to go. Another 350 are being updated to our VR library before the end of Q1 2019. We are bringing more and more great VR learning content to Australian schools!


Our VR library contains content across subjects including physics, biology, earth and environmental science, history, visual art, and chemistry. More subjects are coming in the next six months. 

Tracking Learning Progress

Teachers can track and control students' learning progress via accessing to Smart Stone's classroom management platform. The panel is web-based, which means teachers can access through smartphone, tablets, laptop, etc. 

What is special about VR Classroom