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Student Enrolment Agreement

Smart Stone Institute (SSI) and The Australia Institute of Education & Learning (AIEL)

Updated: October 2021


This section applies to all tutoring services offered by Smart Stone Institute (SSI) and provided by The Australia Institute of Education & Learning (AIEL) English Institute.


Each student accepts this agreement upon enrolment. If you are under the age of 16, students must have a parent or guardian accept the Student Enrolment Agreement.


Please be aware that some words used in these terms have a specific meaning. You should refer to the Defined Terms at the end of these words and their associated meaning.​


Our mission is to help each student achieve their potential. Once you have expressed a desire to receive English learning and you have been accepted into the SSI & AIEL English Institute program. Specifically, we have agreed that AIEL will:

  • Provide tutoring services to you using professional, reasonable care and skill.

  • Ensure that the services we provide are suitable to assist you in developing confidence and improving your skills.



An effective learning relationship is two-way. Your teachers and tutors will do everything they can to assist you, however, we do need assistance from you the student.  

To ensure success all students need to do the following:

  • To attend all classes

  • To provide details of the Student’s results/grade at school in English

  • To use best endeavours to complete both in-class and any additional learning activities

  • To engage with your teacher/tutor and other students to explore and enrich their understanding of the course

  • To only contact teachers/tutors through approved communication channels. This is important as we have a duty of care for all students and need to be able to monitor all contact between students and teachers/tutors

  • To treat all persons at a lesson with courtesy and respect

  • Not do anything to put yourself or others at risk

  • To follow the reasonable directions of teachers/tutors, as well as AIEL and SSI staff

  • To ask for assistance when needed, to ask questions, and to have fun



Quality learning and progress depend on a range of factors including the efforts of each student. We cannot guarantee that our services will lead to an improvement in performance or results.


By agreeing to the services, you accept this and release us from any claim you might otherwise bring in relation to the performance of the student.


When you enroll, you agree to pay the relevant fees for that Course for the balance of the term. Except in the case of a trial lesson, students are not permitted to attend a course without having paid. 

Fees must be paid in full at the commencement of a Course. We may permit fees to be paid over a term by recurrent direct debit, two weeks in advance of each fortnight of lessons. Where we permit this, you are still committed to pay for the full term. 

Where Course Fees are paid by credit card the following conditions apply:

  • You must update your payment details through a portal nominated by us if you change the card against which a charge is to be made.

  • Direct debit charges for private tutoring courses are made weekly within our normal school term. An initial weekly charge is made on enrolment, each subsequent weekly charge is made 48 hours before the relevant weekly tutoring session. If payment fails a further charge will be attempted 24 hours later. If this payment fails, the private tutoring session is automatically cancelled for that week.

  • You agree that we may make charges against your account for the enrolments notified to you. It is your responsibility to ensure that there are sufficient funds to meet the charge.

  • Your authorisation continues until it is cancelled by written notice to us or the relevant student ceases to be a student. 

  • To avoid a future charge, notification of the charge must be given a minimum of 2 business days before the date of the scheduled charge in the case of term re-enrolments and 3 business days in the case of private tutoring sessions. If notice is given after this time, we may not be able to cancel the scheduled debit.

  • We can accept no liability for payment failing, the card or account details being incorrect, or any charges made by your financial institution as a result of the debit. 

  • If you believe that any error has been made in charging your account, please contact the Smart Stone Institute team at



From time to time a person may be eligible to attend one Class in each Course offered for their grade without obligation. Trials are not open to students who have previously enrolled in that Course for that Grade. Once the person has attended one Class, they must enrol in the course if they wish to continue attendance.



If a student enrols without having been a prior student or having taken a trial, then we also provide a satisfaction guarantee. This means that if the student is not satisfied, for any reason, with the service after their first Class with us then we will refund the fees provided that:

  • The student cancels their enrolment at least 48 hours before the second class; and

  • The student returns any materials and resources provided to them and ceases to access our learning systems.



We provide, for no charge, an additional service known as ‘@Study’ which provides homework help. This additional service is available for students in group classes only (i.e. not available for Private Tutoring students). This is a discretionary service offered at no charge and we reserve the right to alter or cancel it at any time. There is also no guarantee that it may be available on any day either due to sessions being booked or an assigned tutor being absent.


Generally, students can use up to 1 hour of homework help per fortnight. This is divided between up to 30 minutes for any course they are enrolled in with SSI provided by AIEL English Institute (taken in 20-minute blocks).


There is a ‘fair use’ requirement for Homework Help. Generally, a student can receive 20 minutes of assistance at a time. This can be extended to a second session (see above) if there is time i.e. it does not affect other students receiving assistance. 


If a student requires more than two sessions, then it is necessary for the student to consider paid private tutoring through our tutoring sessions.


We provide an immersive and interactive 3D XR learning experience as a part of the SSI courses provided in partnership with AIEL English Institute. An xSpaces account will be automatically generated upon enrolment on behalf of the student using the email address provided, as well as the first and last name to be used as their avatar display name. 

Teachers will provide a shared room code for students ahead of class time. Students are responsible to attend class on time using the available range of compatible devices. For list of compatible devices, please visit: The xSpaces app will need to be downloaded and installed ahead of their first XR lesson in xSpaces. You will need to ensure to have a stable internet connection. Whilst inside xSpaces, please respect the teacher and other students. 


Occasionally, we may need to reschedule a Class. Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate the availability of all students in the class when rescheduling. However, no refund or credit will be granted in the case of Group Sessions if the student cannot attend the rescheduled class because learning materials, notes, and exercises will be available for the content missed by the student.

If the student misses a class, we will permit them to attend the same class in another time slot where that is available. If there is no other class timeslot, we will not give a refund for that Class. 


You are entitled to a refund should there be a major problem. A major problem could occur where our services:

  • Have a problem that would have stopped you from buying if you had known about it

  • Are not fit for their purpose (i.e: to teach the course material and this cannot be fixed in a reasonable time

  • Do not fit your specific purpose and this cannot be fixed in a reasonable time

In these cases of major problems, you are entitled to ask for a replacement of our services or a refund. Where you are entitled to, and request, a refund, you must return all materials that we have provided and cease accessing our learning systems.

Where a refund is to be paid, you acknowledge that it may take us up to 30 business days for us to process. 

Except as outlined above, fees are non-refundable. This includes in cases of change of mind or change to a student's timetable. If we do agree to a refund and we are not required to do so, there is an administration fee of $60 per course to be refunded. This fee covers the administration necessary to remove enrolled students and process refunds. 



The learning materials are our work and belong to us. Students are permitted to use the materials whilst they are a student of Smart Stone Institute and AIEL English Institute. Once a person ceases to be a student, they can continue to use any physical materials we have provided but only for their own study and personal use. You agree that you will not, at any time, distribute or make copies of the materials to give to third parties.


You agree that we may publish the results of students. This may include the improvement a student demonstrates over the period they are taught by us or it may be the results achieved by them in standardised tests.


Unless you agree otherwise, we will only ever publish first name and results. No other personally identifying information will be provided without your consent.


Your information is yours. We will only use your information for specific purposes related to providing the services. For more information on how we treat your information please see the SSI Privacy Policy at, the AIEL English Institute Privacy Policy at, and the xSpaces Privacy Policy at


xSpaces is a private, enclosed and secure learning environment. Your identity is protected with avatars in a space with lots of privacy and security. Class will take place in a secure room via a code. We ask students to keep the code provided to themselves and refrain from sharing with others. 


Some online courses have tutorials, and the tutorials may be recorded. When you enrol in an online tutorial you consent to any recording, the storage of that recording, and that recording is made available to all students in the course regardless of their location. We agree that we will only keep the recording during the term that you are enrolled in that course. Students in xSpaces will appear in the form of avatar to protect identity, only their voice and their display name will be visible. Whilst we take reasonable care in handling recordings, we are in no way liable for any recordings taken by students during the session and distributed individually thereafter. 


Whilst we will take reasonable care to control what occurs online, we are not responsible for any personal information accidentally shared by a student that is shared online. We accept no risk in respect of that personal information.


You agree that the student is aware of basic etiquette and standards while online and is aware of their environment when online ensuring respect for all students and their families.


We request that each student takes reasonable care of their health and safety while engaging in sessions. All students and their parent or guardian (where the student is under 18 years of age) are expected to provide a suitable, comfortable working environment, to ensure a student’s wellbeing.


Where a student repeatedly fails to comply with our reasonable directions, we can terminate the provision of services. Except where the student’s conduct presents a serious disruption to the learning of themselves or others, we will not terminate the services without first trying to work with the student and their parent or guardian to improve the student’s conduct and engagement.


In these terms some words have a specific meaning. Below are the words that have a specific meaning and the associated definition. 


  • AIEL means The Australian Institute for Education and Learning. In these terms, the word “Us”, “Our” or “We” also refers to The Australian Institute for Education and Learning.

  • Class and Classes means a class or classes (as applicable) in a course or, where appropriate, one-to-one tutoring session.

  • Course means a course of study offered by Smart Stone Institute in partnership with AIEL English Institute.

  • Group Session means a class that is a small group tutoring class.

  • Order means an order placed by you through our computer systems for the provision of a course that is identified on the order.

  • Private Session means a one to one or one to four tutoring arrangements. Private tutoring sessions will be identified as “One to One” or “Private” on an Order.

  • SSI means Smart Stone Institute. In these terms the word “Us”, “Our” or “We” also refers to Smart Stone Institute.

  • Student means a person who is enrolled in a course at SSI and AIEL English Institute.

  • Terms means these terms and conditions outlined in the Student Enrolment Agreement.

  • Tutor means a person engaged by AIEL to provide assistance to students and to teach courses.

  • xSpaces means the interactive multi-user platform that allows for users to connect and communicate in a shared space.

  • You means the Student (where the student is over 18 years of age) or the student’s parent or guardian.


This part applies to students who enrol to receive tutoring by way of Private Sessions as an add-on to their current enrolled course. 

Basis of tuitions

All Private Sessions are booked for a school term. You can cancel future Private Sessions on the provision of at least 48 hours notice. 


You must use reasonable endeavours to keep to the schedule of tutoring sessions.


You may attempt to reschedule a Private Session no less than 48 hours before the scheduled session. 

If you attempt to reschedule less than 48 hours before the scheduled session, you must either attend the session or forfeit the tuition fee for that session. There are no refunds or 'make-up' provided for sessions that have not been attended. 


Accessing Materials

Private Sessions are designed to be responsive to the specific needs of a student. They are directed by the teacher and follow a set of syllabus. It is necessary for a student to identify to their teacher support they would like within Private Sessions. Teachers will make materials available in a learning system or via email. The conditions in USE OF OUR MATERIALS relating to learning materials apply equally to materials made available by a teacher in Private Sessions.

Reflective Feedback

We require our students to provide fortnightly reflective feedback on their experience with their teacher/tutors so that we can focus on improving both the student experience and student outcomes.

Being focused on how we can improve your experience and provide real results is the reason the SSI experiences provided by AIEL English Institute are different from that of our competitors.

By using our Service, you consent to the above terms and conditions of the Student Enrolment Agreement before enrolling into any courses offered by SSI in partnership with AIEL English Institute. 

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