Frequently Asked Questions


What does Smart Stone Technology Offer?

Here at Smart Stone Technology, we strive to help schools foster students to be active learners and creators by providing immersive experiences using emerging technologies as a part of school learning, creating a seamless connection between Education and Technology. View all our Products >

Who is Smart Stone Technology?

Smart Stone Technology is an online platform of future education solutions that unleash creativity and potential for all kinds of educators and students through Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Coding, AI and more.

How do I get started?

There are multiple ways of getting started.
The easiest one, is sending us a quick emial about your quesitons. Contact us >

Booking confirmation

We will contact you to confirm your bookings and dates. The booking will not be confirmed until both the school, centre or other party and Smart Stone have confirmed availability. Bookings should be made with a minimum of 3 weeks notice.


What does Smart Stone Technology Incursion Offer?

STEAM Workshop K-12 Featuring:

  • VR content covering topics across the curriculum
  • Augmented Reality fun
  • Block coding integrated with VR/AR
  • Divided into 3 age group: K-4, 5-8 & 9-12
  • Can’t find an incursion that suits your focus?
  • We can tailor incursions to suit the needs of you and your students.

About our Visits

We would appreciate using the same classroom for all sessions to avoid shifting equipments around. We ask that a screen and projector with HDMI is to be provided at the venue (if possible). We take care of equipment and wifi router. We will arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to boookin time to set up. Please allow 5-10 minutes class change over time is reuired between each session.

What are the pricings?

Workshop Program:

  • 4 x 30 minute workshops = $400 + GST
  • 5 x 30 minute workshops = $500 + GST
  • 6 x 30 minute workshops = $600 + GST
  • 7 x 30 minute workshops = $700 + GST
  • 8 x 30 minute workshops = $800 + GST
  • 9 x 30 minute workshops = $900 + GST
* Prices above for max 20 children per workshop. Travel Cost:
  • First 30km free.
  • Additional trave costs of $0.25/km + GST will apply if your school or center is over 30km and within 150km from Smart Stone Technology's office.
  • Overnight stay may be required depending on the workshop duration and location. Meal allowance will be calculated based on the number of nights stayed. Please get in touch with us.
  • For interstate bookings or long distance travel within NSW (if airport is available), please contact us for a quote.
Total Cost = Workshop Program + Travel cost (first 30 kms free) + any accommodation or airfare costs.

Cancelations & Refunds

Any cancellations made before 7 days of the incursion will receive a full refund. Any cancellations made within the 7-day time frame will be subjected to credit to be used towards a future incursion. In the case that you wish to cancel within the 7-day time frame and do not agree to a credit for future use, 30% of the total invoice will be non-refundable.

What are your Incursion Privacy Policy?

Photos and video Photos and videos may be taken during the incursion for promotional purposes on our website and social media platforms. If you do not wish to permit us permission to use any materials with your child in them, please inform us in written form before the incursion.

What happened if Equipment gets damanged?

Usage of equipment Equipment damages caused during the incursion by the client will result in financial compensation.

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