Smart Stone Introduces You Block Coding:

CoSpaces Edu

Adaptable to any subject and grade, CoSpaces Edu lets students build their own 3D creations, animate them with code and explore them in Virtual or Augmented Reality.

Designed for schools that want to empower their students to become creators and prepare them for their future, CoSpaces Edu develops 21st Century learning skills and digital literacy, enhances creativity and fosters collaboration in the classroom.

Easily build in 3D with user-friendly creation tools

Add interactions with block-based coding or advanced scripting

Explore any creations in Virtual or Augmented Reality

Manage classes and observe your students' creation process in real time

Making students future-ready

With 21st Century skills and the 4 C's


Cultural and social understanding, empathy and communication skills


Observation skills, analysing and finding solutions to problems



Thinking outside the box and developing unique ideas


Working with others and developing teamwork by creating together


Coding and other digital skills essential to future careers

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