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Expanding the modern day learning environment

Let your student's curiosity and creativity flow into the classroom with Smart Stone Technology Augmented Reality. We have created content that is as limitless as your student's imagination.


Tablet Learning

Here are just a few ways for you to integrate AR into your lesson plan.

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Products Available

Vivid Ocean Colouring Book

Turning someone ordinary to extraordinary. with Smart Stone Technology Vivid Ocean Colouring Book program, capture your student's attention and bring out your student's creativity to life with 3D animation.


Virtual T-Shirt

Developed to make your students engaged

From an art gallery to the aquarium to a science lab. It is time to integrate blended learning into your classroom.


With Smart Stone Technology AR Virtuali Tee, is the perfect STEM educational resource for transforming traditional Science Learning experience into sometime out of this world. 


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