Vivid Ocean Colouring Book

Vivid Ocean is the first colouring book in our Vivid Dream Series Augmented Reality colouring books. Integrated with AR technology, it combines children's colouring artworks with 3D animation to create a magical world.

Children can colour in the animals and watch their creations come to life and vividly projected on a plain background or in a smartphone, sparking imagination creativity.


Vivid Ocean is currently available. Please visit Vivid Dream's official website for more information or contact Smart Stone.





Bring Learning To Life

Inspiring curious kids to develop a love for Science. This beautifully designed Augmented Reality products allow children to explore the world around them in ways they never thought possible.

Point your phone at the t-shirt and watch the reactions. The Virtuali-Tee creates an audience unlike anything else. Open up a portal inside the body, isolate the systems and go on photorealistic journeys to the bloodstream, the lungs and the intestines. It's fun on your own, with the family or in the classroom.

And when you're done, it goes in the wash like any other tee!

It's the perfect STEM educational resource for transforming Science learning in the home or in the classroom. Kids light up when they see the body come to life and love seeing what it looks like to dive inside the intestines!

Better than a model of the human body, this one is alive!



To get started, simply open the Virtuali-Tee app and point at the t-shirt. The tracker image is best picked up by initially pointing at the upper chest with the device 0.5m/1.5ft from the t-shirt.

The tracking of the t-shirt requires that you are in a well lit space without heavy shadows and that the t-shirt is not stretched or heavily wrinkled.


Wow, the organs look amazing…now what!?

Well, we have implemented some pretty cool features into the app. Just tap the screen to get started. You can then isolate the physiological system by tapping on the coloured hot spots. You’ll see some buttons floating outside the chest, use the back button to navigate between systems. We encourage you to explore, if you see a button….tap it to find out what it does!


Surprise! Meet Hans Glover….your virtual expert on the body!

Think of Hans as a holographic guide to the body. He’ll talk you through the anatomy and physiological systems in the body. Just tap the Hans button and he’ll appear.

VR Mode.jpg

VR Mode

To enable VR mode scan the t-shirt and then tap the VR button. Place your device into a VR viewer and immerse yourself in the three experiences we have inside the body.