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Bringing immersive blended learning to your classroom

 Introducing the future of classroom learning.

With Smart Stone Technology, get your students engaged and have first-hand experience in subjects like Science, Art,  History and more. 

Tailored to your needs and students, lets us help you make your lesson planning easier.

Incursion is no longer running and will be paused until further notice


Early Childhood

Nurture and ignite your student's creativity with augmented reality.


Primary Education

Enhance your student's learning and encourage curiosity using VR, AR and coding.


Higher Education

Explore and create new ways of understanding and learning. Take technology to a whole new level.

Core Offerings.

Enter new dimensions. Emulate the real world with coding. Remove the impossible and experience the world first hand with VR and AR technology. 

Augmented Reality

Explore the human body and bring artwork to life through Augmented Reality. Open a portal inside the body, isolate the systems and go on photo-realistic journeys to the bloodstream, the lungs, and the intestines.

Bring children’s artwork to life with 3D animation through Augmented Reality technology and projection. See if you can find them in our virtual aquarium on display!

Virtual Reality

  • Learn beyond reality through Virtual Reality with the help of xSpaces. Broaden children's interests and willingness to investigate the metaverse's potential as we engage them in 3D virtual shared spaces to explore wildlife, planets and more.


  • Step into a new dimension and explore your creation in a captivating way, through AR & VR Technology.

  • Your creation in the palm of your hand. Project AR content onto the MERGE Cube with your smartphone or tablet to hold your virtual creation.


Our incursion program starts from 4x30-minute sessions. We understand there's no one-size-fits-all, come chat to our team and see what we can work out!

4 x 30-minute session
5 x 30-minute session
6 x 30-minute session
7 x 30-minute session
8 x 30-minute session

Note: Maximum 20 children per 30-minute session 

(GST inclusive)


First 30km FREE. $1.65/km thereafter each way from Sydney CBD.
Dependent on enquiry.
Meal Allowance
Dependent on enquiry.
Dependent on enquiry.
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