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CoSpaces & xSpaces on Pico VR

CoSpaces Edu

Introducing the CoSpaces Edu app on Pico VR!

Students can now deep dive inside their CoSpaces projects and immerse themselves in virtual reality to see their creations inside Pico VR headsets. Offer young creators a change of perspective from 2D to 3D as they teleport themselves physically inside their CoSpaces to review and make adjustments as they code - giving them a vivid first-hand experience.

The CoSpaces Edu app can be found inside the Pico Store on Pico G2, Pico G2 4K, and Pico Neo 2.

A quick tip: you will need a Pico account within the headset to get the app installed.

See our quick video guide to find out how to install CoSpaces Edu on your Pico VR headset:

1-month Free of xSpaces

Did we also mention that you can get a month of free access to xSpaces when you purchase any Pico headset through Smart Stone Technology?

That’s right, 1-month on us! Absolutely free to experience our immersive multi-user platform for lifelike experiences and interactions.

It will change the way of online and remote learning.


You’re probably wondering, what is xSpaces and how can this be integrated into classroom learning? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered on this end.

Let’s start with what xSpaces is first. It is an immersive, multi-user, interactive virtual platform that allows people to come together in a virtual space. It breaks down the barriers of distance, time, and other factors like the pandemic where users can meet in real-time virtually inside xSpaces for education, work or training. xSpaces is created with Educators, Businesses, and Creators in mind. It’s a medium of extension to remotely connect people from different parts of the globe, bridging the world closer together.

You might ask, well what’s the difference to other popular virtual platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams? You can learn, train, teach, communicate and collaborate in this 3D virtual space, much like our physical environment. Being in xSpaces gives you a sense of presence which is natural and essential in our normal daily interactions. It is currently the next best thing to realistic and rich experiences and interactions.

In a world where we encourage and foster students to be content creators rather than consumers, xSpaces offers the opportunity to create and upload your own resources to use. Ranging from 2D images & videos, PPT, PDF to the more exciting resources like 3D models, 360 images & videos, and weblinks - the possibilities are limitless! There is also cross-platform support on VR and non-VR devices for greater accessibility. For a full list of our supported devices, please visit

Chat to us today to see how you can elevate classroom teaching and learn to another dimension!

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