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Interweave EduTech with STEM learning. Creating seamless connections between classrooms and students' experience.

Step into a virtual world of endless possibilities. Traditional learning re-imagined.

Smart Stone Technology is an online platform of future education solutions that unleash creativity and potential for all kinds of educators and students through Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Coding, AI and more. 


We strive to help schools foster students to be active learners and creators by providing immersive experiences using emerging technologies as a part of school learning, creating a seamless connection between Education and Technology.


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A blended learning system that uses

visual coding, integrating VR & AR to cover topics across the curriculum.  


Give your students the creative freedom to code their own 3D world, replicate human dynamics with animation in VR and AR in just ONE CLASS PERIOD.


Time to capture their attention.

Open your mind to new ways of learning, connecting and collaborating. An immersive, multiuser interactive virtual platform, bringing work, social and education into one virtual world. 



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Create magic in your classroom and bring the modern-day learning environment into the virtual world.

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Talk about your business, showcase your products & services and reach potential customers in a Virtual Trade Show.


Hold your own art gallery, attend events and other art museums in the metaverse.  

"After today's demo, the first thing I know was the engagement, you've seen the kids put on the headsets. They focus on the content in front of them. It's fantastic, as a teacher, it can be the hardest part sometimes to focus kids' attention. The headsets allow it to happen instantly, it's a great thing from teachers' perspective."

Matthew Peile, Head of  Curriculum, Kelvin Grove State College  


Science for Kids

Let's Explore Science Together. Here is a plan to bring Science Experiments to your home.  

Ignite your child's curiosity with MEL SCIENCE.

Capture their attention and keep them engaged even at home with hands-on science experiments supported by professionals and teachers.

"It's very exciting, especially for the kids to get them, you know, dealing with the virtuality of course and also link the theory with it. It's amazing. We've got like close to 30 kids in the classroom but not everyone learns in one specific way. This would be just another resource out there and it would be helpful in so many ways."

Manshika Furminger, Grade 5 Teacher, Kelvin Grove State College.

Manshika Furminger, Grade 5 Teacher, Kelvin Grove State College.

For Our Educators

Captivate them. Let their curiosity & creativity wonder. Share your knowledge, collaborate and create without the limitation of space and time.

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iVR Classroom

Capital One.

Innovation in the classroom. All in one VR Headset. VR content library. One central hub.

Smart Stone Technology iVR Classroom is the complete VR Education package for your school, your students - Compact VR Headset, limitless resources & classroom management system ready for your classroom.


Designed with teachers in mind. Integrate iVR Classroom and customise content easily to suit your lesson and students' need.

"The big thing is something the kids see the stuff on board with virtuality. It's so important, I think the way the students look into it, the virtualization, makes it as easy as possible for engagement. I think Smart Stone attracts me for that."

Kieran Norlan, Educational Technologist, Wooranna Park Primary School. 

Kieran Norlan, Educational Technologist, Wooranna Park Primary School 

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