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Here’s how you can combine different blended learning approaches into one.

What 2020 has taught us is that flexibility and adaptability is key and technology is our best friend, our P.A, our library, our shopping mall and now our classroom. The idea of a traditional classroom with face-to-face interaction is slowly becoming a thing of the past along with showing multiple videos, printing out multiple diagrams just to show where the nuclear is within the human cell. Now, it is all about experiencing it all, stimulating your student's minds, nurturing their creativity and turning the impossible possible.

So with that, we would like to introduce you to what teachers are now calling Blended Learning. Now, you all have probably heard that terminology been thrown around in articles, podcasts and educational seminars. But, do you actually know what it means? Do you know how it can help benefit teachers and your students?

First thing first, What is blended learning?

Putting it in simple terms, it has a similar structure to eLearning/ online learning, where technology is required for education in addition to face-to-face classroom learning, essentially capturing the best of both worlds. That way, the standard school syllabus can be taught both in the traditional classroom environment and at a distance (via online).

There are different types of blended learning models out there like ‘Station Rotation’ or ‘Project-Based’ blended learning or the most well known one the ‘Flipped Classroom’ Blended learning concept, but let’s save that discussion for another day.

Trying to find the right blended learning model that will work for your classroom and students can be a bit of a challenge and even overwhelming, especially when you don’t have the time to research the different learning approaches and models, so we have done the research for you. Introducing CoSpaces Edu.

Now, you are probably thinking, “What is CoSpaces? What makes it so special?” Well, let us entertain you with the idea of a virtual platform that can get your student’s creativity flowing, get them focused and make lesson planning efficient fun for you.

3 Things you need to know about CoSpaces Edu.

1. Flexible teaching. Rediscovering Learning.

CoSpaces Edu is an Augmented and Virtual Reality platform that allows teachers to support students to become creators. Students can code and experience their own creations in VR or AR. What is amazing about CoSpaces Edu is that it disguises learning about the school syllabus in an entertaining and interactive way and the best part is that it is for all ages, all grades, even made for all you teachers.

2. Adaptable & customised content plan.

Whether you are teaching about Roman history or about the dinosaurs and want to take a quick visit into Jurassic Park or you just want to simply encourage team building and enhance problems solving skills with a quick game of Escape Room, CoSpaces Edu has been designed so it can be customised to suit the subject you are teaching and adapt to any grade (K-12).

3. Removing the hassle of lengthy activities & creating efficiency.

Teachers, we know how busy you can get, trying to find solutions and activities that will cater to the different learning styles of your students as well as fulfil the school curriculum. Now, the beauty of CoSpaces Edu is that you have the ability to give your students the freedom to create but have the control to manage your students. You can create projects and share them with your students to work on individually or in a group, follow on your student’s progress and assess their skills in real-time.

We hope that we have peaked your interest. Get in touch if you would like to learn more.

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