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It’s Time To Vote for xSpaces at the annual BOLD Award.

Calling all teachers, students, parents, VR and AR lovers, innovators and entrepreneurs. It is time for you to Vote! Why and what for you may ask?

Well let us tell you. We are excited to announced that xSpaces is taking part in the BOLD Awards for 2 categories - Boldest AR/VR & Boldest Remote Working Company.

And we need your support.

Public voting starts this Tuesday 18th - 25th, January 2022


What is the BOLD AWARD?

The BOLD Award celebrates and recognises innovative companies, projects and individuals who are unique and are making breakthroughs within society. From advertising, to innovation to student projects to sustainability to crowdfunding projects, this award showcases the best in the world from innovative businesses and individuals.

Why did we enter, Why Vote for xSpaces?

Firstly, let’s see the stats, about 40% of Australian school students are disengaged in class¹. Faced with this challenge, educators are constantly searching for creative and affordable ways to stimulate student interests and ways to nurture their curious and creative minds to become better critical thinkers and creators. Now, this is where xSpaces comes in. xSpace is more than just a platform or just another tool. It is A multi-user interactive XR platform that connects people in the metaverse for education, training and events. It is a space where individuals have the ability to create, explore and become inquisitive.

Here at Smart Stone Technology and X Spaces, we aim to push beyond the boundaries of traditional 2D learning mediums and create a truly unique 3D environment that keeps people connected in the shared space of xSpaces.


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