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4 things you need for Smart Stones Technology VR platforms.

It’s time to take education beyond reality with virtual reality. Enter into the virtual world where anything is possible. At Smart Stone Technology, we have designed a virtual classroom software that provides a tailored approach to your teaching style and student’s needs.

We’ve realised the struggle of having to find online learning software and resources to suit you so we bring you a platform that has all the resources and technology you need in one convenient place.

High school girls using VR headset in the classroom.

Here is your guide to Smart Stone Technology.

1. We bring innovation to your modern-day classroom with xSpaces.

Online learning has become an integrated part of a student's education, we wanted to create a virtual classroom software that will encourage distance education for schools and even companies. Through xSpaces, we have created an unconventional Classroom, Exhibition and Art Gallery, where work, social and education are in one virtual world.

2. A retailer of CoSpaces Edu.

This is a powerful and efficient tool for teachers and students to learn the basics of coding in one lesson. With CoSpaces, it allows students to have the freedom and let their creativity flow but teachers, you still have the control. What we love about coding with CoSpaces, is that it disguises learning in a fun way and is adaptable to suit any subjects you are teaching and the grade (K-12).

all about coding

3.We can bring a tailored first hand experience of blended learning to your school.

Teachers, we know how busy you can get. So let us help make your lesson planning a little bit easier by introducing online learning with augmented reality and virtual reality to your school (K-12). With Incursion, we bring the equipment and the VR content covering topics across the curriculum. And of course, we can tailor incursions to suit the needs of you and your students. Discover more about Incursions.

4. A VR Classroom package for your school.

Designed to support our educators, we’ve removed the hassle and created the dream educational package filled with over 700 VR online content available that are syllabus aligned, an all in one 4K VR Headset for an immersive virtual reality experience and an easy to use classroom management system giving teachers the ability to manage student’s progress and control the speed of the lesson.

Learn more about our VR Classroom Package.


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